Symposium: The Two State-Solution: The U.N. Partition of Mandatory Palestine

December 3, 2012

December 4, 2012  1947-UN-Partition-Plan-1949-Armistice-Comparison.svg

5:30pm – 7:30pm

The Two State-Solution: The U.N. Partition of Mandatory Palestine – Analysis and Sources
A Book Event in honor of Prof. Ruth Gavison


Professor Joseph H.H. Weiler

Director, Tikvah Center for Law and Jewish Civilization Joseph Straus Professor of Law, New York University Law School


Dr. Ariel Zellman
Schusterman Postdoctoral Fellow, Taub Center for Israel Studies

Prof. Ronald Zweig
Director, Taub Center for Israel Studies


Professor Ruth Gavison
Haim H. Cohn Professor of Human Rights, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Emerita)
Founder / President of Metzilah Center for Zionist, Jewish, Liberal and Humanist Thought
Joint Straus / Tikvah Fellow 2011-12, New York University School of Law

A kosher reception will follow the program.


53 Washington Square South, Screening Room

RSVP by Tel. (212) 998-8981 / E-mail / seating limited, registration required.


Thomas Friedman’s Eyes Wide Shut

May 20, 2011

thomas-friedmanI generally do not use this blog to comment on Op-Ed pieces in the popular press, but for New York Times writer Thomas Friedman, I will make an exception.

Friedman’s latest piece, Bibi and Barack, opens with an obvious observation, the Middle East is going to hell in a hand basket and things could really blow at any minute. In this tumultuous setting, he asserts that there are things which are “unmanageable” and those which are “unavoidable”. What is unmanageable is another war between Israel and its neighboring Arab states; what is unavoidable is dealing with a more unstable Arab world. Given this, we must manage the unavoidable and avoid the unmanageable. Therefore, these realities must be faced with a “serious peace policy” and a “serious energy policy”.

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