Paper at AIS 2013

June 27, 2013


Earlier this week I presented a paper at the Annual Association for Israel Studies conference at UCLA. The panel was entitled, Emotional and Philosophical Motivations in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and its Resolution. My paper, in turn, was “Giving Without Receiving? Justifying Unilateral Territorial Withdrawal in Israeli Politics.” If you are interested in the paper or the presentation materials, please let me know. Check out an abstract after the jump.

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ISSS/ISAC Presentation: Failed States, Civil Militia, and State Deconstructive Violence

October 21, 2007

For whomever may be interested, here is a copy of the presentation which I gave today at the annual International Security Studies Section of ISA conference here in Montreal.

The presentation went well and I was fortunate to be on a panel with a number of other bright young scholars doing very interesting work. Nothing like a small professional conference to meet new people, shmooze, and network.

Please find the presentation after the jump. Feedback is greatly appreciated:

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