Where Am I Now?

September 15, 2013

trumanAfter a rewarding post-doctoral fellowship at the Taub Center for Israel Studies at New York University, I am happy to report that I will soon be taking up a new position in Israel.

Beginning in October, I will be a post-doctoral research fellow at the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. To visit my Truman Institute bio page, click here. In addition, I will be teaching a course in the fall at Hebrew University in Israeli Territorial Politics in the Department of International Relations as well as a course in Israeli & American Comparative Politics at University of Haifa in the spring. In short, it promises to be a very interesting and very busy year. Wish me luck.

As with the past year, I expect my updates on this blog to be infrequent, but I will continue to post conference announcements, paper publications, reviews, and thoughts as they seem pressing and relevant. Thank you as always for reading.

Symposium: The Two State-Solution: The U.N. Partition of Mandatory Palestine

December 3, 2012

December 4, 2012  1947-UN-Partition-Plan-1949-Armistice-Comparison.svg

5:30pm – 7:30pm

The Two State-Solution: The U.N. Partition of Mandatory Palestine – Analysis and Sources
A Book Event in honor of Prof. Ruth Gavison


Professor Joseph H.H. Weiler

Director, Tikvah Center for Law and Jewish Civilization Joseph Straus Professor of Law, New York University Law School


Dr. Ariel Zellman
Schusterman Postdoctoral Fellow, Taub Center for Israel Studies

Prof. Ronald Zweig
Director, Taub Center for Israel Studies


Professor Ruth Gavison
Haim H. Cohn Professor of Human Rights, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Emerita)
Founder / President of Metzilah Center for Zionist, Jewish, Liberal and Humanist Thought
Joint Straus / Tikvah Fellow 2011-12, New York University School of Law

A kosher reception will follow the program.


53 Washington Square South, Screening Room

RSVP by Tel. (212) 998-8981 / E-mail fas.taubcenter@nyu.edu / seating limited, registration required.

New Year, New Position

September 27, 2012


Dear readers, it has been a very busy few months with very little activity on this blog. My apologies, but it has been with good reason. In mid-August, I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation, “Security or Identity? Narratives of State & Nation in International Territorial Conflict Protraction” and can now officially call myself a doctor of philosophy. I suppose that means if you have broken your hubris or have existential queries about the universe, you can give me a call.

I have since relocated to New York University where I am holding a year-long post-doctoral fellowship at the Taub Center for Israel Studies. In the spring semester, I will be teaching a course on Israeli Territorial Politics, and over the summer, I will be teaching a course on Israeli Politics in Comparative Perspective. In the meantime, I am settling into life in the big city, working on conference and journal articles, beginning to prepare my dissertation into a book manuscript, and getting involved with the activities of my center and NYU’s political science department.

I am also now entering the academic job market, which means sending off many many applications to universities around the country, preparing job talks, refining my c.v., and generally trying to sound smart and professional. All of this means that this blog will, in all likelihood, continue to remain somewhat dormant, although I will post about my academic activities as they happen. As always, thanks for staying tuned for my infrequent updates and please feel free to drop me a line here at my new academic home at NYU.

2011: A Blog Year in Review

January 1, 2012


Hey Folks, happy new year! If you believe the Mayans, this might be our last one, so listen up.

I have not been posting much of late which is the bad news. The good news is that I have been making slow but steady progress on my dissertation and, despite my lack of regular updates, the readers just keep coming.

Here’s a summary of some of the more interesting statistics from the past year. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts about politics, history, culture, and academia in the near future.

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Panel and Paper Accepted for ISA 2012 in San Diego

September 25, 2011

I am thrilled to report that I will be attending next year’s annual International Studies Association Conference in San Diego as a panel chair and presenter. This conference brings me full circle from my first ISA conference in San Diego in 2006, when I was doing my Master’s degree at the University of British Columbia, to what I hope will be my final year as a Ph.D. candidate at Northwestern University in Chicago.

The panel, entitled “Nationalism, International Recognition, and Domestic Legitimacy,” will will take place on the first day of the conference, Sunday, April 1, at 1:45 p.m. Participants include senior and junior scholars as well as advanced graduate students who have an interest in the place of nationalism in global and domestic politics. My paper, “Security or Identity? State and Homeland in Israeli Politics and Public Opinion” will draw on the research I have been conducting over the last year in Israel. I have included abstracts for the panel and my own paper after the jump. My colleagues’ abstracts can be viewed through the ISA conference website panel link here.

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What Happened?

July 17, 2011

question markA few people have been asking me of late what in the world I have been up to. Given that no new posts have gone up on the blog in over a month, this is a fair question. Allow me to put speculation to rest.

Since returning from Serbia in mid May, I have been working hard on developing and publicizing surveys which examine domestic attitudes toward political language in both Israel and Serbia respectively.

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Srpska kultura i identitet na Balkanu

May 10, 2011


Srpska kultura i identitet na Balkanu:
diskusija u grupi

Američki kutak Beograd

Dom omladine Beograda, Makedonska 22/1

Sreda, 11. maj – 15.30
Četvrtak, 12. maj – 15.30
Ponedeljak, 16. Maj – 15:30

Ukoliko želite da prisustvujete, kontaktirajte azellman@u.northwestern.edu



Serbian Culture and Identity in the Balkans:
a group discussion

American Corner Belgrade

Dom Omladine Beograda, Makedonska 22/1

Wednesday, 11 May – 15:30
Thursday, 12 May – 15:30
Monday, 16 May – 15:30

If you would like to attend, please contact azellman@u.northwestern.edu or visit http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=152904678110814

Research in Serbia

April 27, 2011

Late this evening, I will be flying to Belgrade, Serbia for a three-week trip to follow up on my travels there in the summer of 2009.

During my next few weeks, I will be meeting with academics and pollsters to develop a political behavior survey. This will be similar to the one I have been working on here in Israel for the last few months which will be launched on this site in the coming weeks.

I will do my utmost to continue to update the blog while “abroad” although I anticipate doing very few interviews and will likely not venture far from the capital. With many in Serbia demanding new elections and bilateral discussions between Belgrade and Pristina on the horizon, it should be an interesting time to be there. Stay tuned for more.

Weekly Focus Group: Do We Need Jews in Israel?

February 27, 2011

flag-sidewaysלמה צריכים יהודים בארץ ישראל?

דיון ציבורי נוקב בסוגיות הליבה:
למה אנחנו כאן בארץ? מה המשמעות של היוזמה הערבית? מה הקשר בין יהודים לארץ? האם ישראל צריכה להמשיך לבנות בהתנחלויות? מהו אותו "איום דמוגרפי ערבי" שמפחידים אותנו? האם צריך ליסד מדינה פלסטינית? למי שייכת ירושלים?

כל יום רביעי בערב בחודש מרץ ב19:00 ב"הולצר ספרים."

יפו 91 (פינת משיח), ירושלים
שעות פעילות: 9:00 – 23:00


Why do we need Jews in Israel?
(in Hebrew)

Poignant public debate on the core issues:
Why are we here in Israel? What is the meaning of the Arab initiative? What is the connection between Jews and Israel? Should Israel continue to build settlements? What is the "Arab demographic threat"? Is it necessary to establish a Palestinian state? Who owns Jerusalem?

Every Wednesday evening in March from 19:00 – 20:30 at Holzer Books.

91st Yafo st. @ Mashia’h. Jerusalem, Israel
Opening hours: 9:00 – 23:00

On Facts and Theory: A Hassidic Tale

February 5, 2011


This week, during Shabbat, I took a few hours to read Maurice Samuel’s The Professor And the Fossil, a critique of Professor Arnold Toynbee’s 12-volume A Study of History. Toynbee was a renowned British historian who rose to particular prominence while at the Chatham House.

His sweeping A Study of History was welcomed by many for its synthesis of world history and macro-examination of the rise and fall of human civilizations and critiqued by others for its historical inaccuracies, strong religious overtones, and underlying political agendas. Jewish scholars in particular took exception to Toynbee’s characterization of the Jews as a “fossilized people” of an “extinct civilization.” Samuel’s book is an extended critique of this element of Toynbee’s study and the apparent anti-Semitism which colors his conclusions.

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