New Position

bar-ilan-logoI am thrilled to announce that as of 1 October 2015, I will be joining the Department of Political Studies at Bar Ilan University as a lecturer (that’s assistant professor for all you Americans).

My new appointment comes after two very wonderful and productive years as a post-doctoral fellow with the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace and the Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I am grateful to my dear friends and colleagues who have made these past few years an interesting, challenging, collegial, and rewarding experience and hope to continue to collaborate with them even as I move institutions.

Whilst I anticipate this blog will continue to lay largely fallow as I focus on writing and submitting the publications ‘that count’, I will make a more active effort to post updates regarding forthcoming articles, conferences, events, course materials, and other relevant announcements. In this spirit, I direct you to my recently published article with the Journal of Peace Research, Framing consensus: Evaluating the narrative specificity of territorial indivisibility. More should be on the way soon.

Wishing you all a meaningful, productive, and altogether interesting new year, academic and otherwise.


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