What Happened?

question markA few people have been asking me of late what in the world I have been up to. Given that no new posts have gone up on the blog in over a month, this is a fair question. Allow me to put speculation to rest.

Since returning from Serbia in mid May, I have been working hard on developing and publicizing surveys which examine domestic attitudes toward political language in both Israel and Serbia respectively.

I am happy to report that the response to the Israel survey was very strong. Between its launch on May 11 and its close on July 1, over 500 people participated from all sectors of Israeli society. Now what remains is to examine the huge amount of data collected and formulate it into a publishable academic paper. This is already well underway and has been taking a considerable portion of my time of late. The Serbia survey, launched on May 23, has already garnered over 300 respondents with more coming in every day. In this, I must offer an enormous thank you to all my friends and colleagues in Serbia who have done much of the distribution as well as a number of Serbian websites and blogs that have generously hosted invitations and links.

In other academic developments, I am also pleased to announce that I have been awarded a Schusterman Israel Scholar Award from the American-Israeli Cooperative Initiative and Schusterman Foundation to continue my research based here in Israel in the coming academic year. The Foundation is one of the biggest financial and academic supporters of Israel Studies, and I am really quite flattered to now be one of its beneficiaries.

Last but not least, I have doing a bit of traveling in the United States and Canada visiting friends and family and meeting with my advisers at Northwestern University. Since returning to Israel in the beginning of July, I have been again hard at work as noted above primarily with the results of the Israel survey. I have also had the pleasure of celebrating the birth of my cousin’s new baby boy, going to my first Israeli wedding, and signing a lease on a new apartment in Tel Aviv.

In the meantime, thanks for bearing with me during my absence and “off-screen” work. I promise that new academic posts will return to the site shortly.

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