Okay, so it’s only a book review, but I am very very happy to finally have something out there in the public domain aside from conference papers and this blog. 🙂

It’s a review of Nadav Shelef’s new book, Evolving Nationalism: Homeland, Identity, and Religion in Israel and you can read it here in Nationalism and Ethnic Politics. If you don’t have direct access to informaworld, you can access the review through most university library sites with a student or faculty ID and password. Unfortunately copyright laws keep me from simply posting the entire review here. For those of you with access, enjoy!

Now back to work on publishing a full refereed academic paper…

2 thoughts on “Published!”

  1. congratulations ~ A writer friend in Australia (phil./social theory) has told me about a few of his articles getting published, so I have a better appreciation of it. His main topic is Cornelius Castoriadis (who might be called a social philosopher?).

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