Bombing in Jerusalem


For those who have not yet heard, there was a bombing this afternoon in Jerusalem. At present, the explosion was believed to have come from a device planted in a phone booth near a major bus stop. I am okay and as far as I know, everyone I know is okay. Unfortunately at least 25 innocent people are not. No one has yet died from their injuries, however at least one person is in critical condition.

The attack took place just outside the Binyanei Hauma, the Jerusalem International Convention Center, which is across the street from the Central Bus Station. Where the explosion occurred is a major bus stop which is crowded all day long with commuters. I imagine the site was particularly packed today as the convention center is now hosting a health and exercise expo for the Jerusalem Marathon. I was at the exact spot of the bombing yesterday at just about the same time picking up my race packet.

I am thankful to say that attacks such as these are no longer part of everyday life in Israel, in large part thanks to the diligent security efforts of the Israeli military, police, and intelligence services. Indeed, Jerusalemites have grown accustomed to the peace and quiet which has existed here since the end of the last intifada. No one wants to a return to the days when people were afraid to ride the buses and attacks were routine.

It is often said that the main goal of terrorism is not actually to cause mass casualties, but to cause mass panic; to make people think that nothing is safe even when very little has changed. I am sure that I speak for everyone here in saying that we all hope that quiet will quickly return and that the streets will still be safe. In the meantime, I intend to keep living my life here as I have before this tragic and cowardly act; doing my research and visiting my friends, while keeping a sharp eye open at all times. I can think of no better individual response to those who wanted to terrify Israel into submission today.

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