Ulpan and Sheqalim

sheqalim While I certainly appreciated all the craziness of yesterday, it was nice to get back to the mundane routine of ulpan, if only for a little while longer. We have now only three classes left until the end… a class tomorrow, a class on Sunday, and a final test on Monday. Then, I wrap things up here, pack my belongings, move to my new apartment in Rehavia, and start the next stage of my travels here: real research.

Today was very straightforward. We began reviewing irregular verb forms, particularly the ע’ו (Eyin-Vav) forms in Hif’il. This means that in the shoresh (root) of the verb, the second letter of three is a vav (or yud) which presents some basic problems for conjugation models. None of this was really new material for me, but at this point in the class, I am not looking forward to having astoundingly new grammatical concepts drilled into my head.

We also read an interesting piece about the politics of currency in Israel; namely that no female figures in Israel’s history are currently portrayed on any of the bills. A new cycle of bills is set to be released in 2012 but the treasury admitted that it made a “mistake” to not consider any women for the bills. Replacing the current set of Moshe Sharrett (20 sheqalim), Shai Agnon (50 sheqalim), Yitzchak ben Zvi (100 sheqalim), and Zalman Shezar (200 sheqalim) will be (in no particular order) David ben Gurion, Menachem Begin, Yitzchak Rabin, and Theodor Herzl.

One proposal has been to replace the Begin bill with Naomi Shemer, best known for her song Yerushalayim shel Zahav. Emotions seem to be running high on this issue and very few seem willing to budge. In fairness, this is the first I’ve heard about it, but it makes sense to me. Perhaps Israel really needs a few more bank notes so they can have a few more pictures to go around… Just a thought.

The afternoon has been fairly relaxed, mostly spent studying as usual. Tonight I plan to have an early evening and get a full night sleep for the first time in awhile. And of course, back to class in the morning.

בקרוב אגמור…

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