Sof HaShavua – The Weekend

After a late night in Gan HaAtzmaut last night watching the Big Lebowski, it was a relief to not have class this morning. I slept in until the “late” hour of 9 and then got the day started…

Just a word or two about the event yesterday evening. It was all outdoors projected onto a huge inflatable screen. There was a fenced-off area for the audience, but since we brought glass bottles with us, we were not allowed in. Regardless, we got a great view from the hill overlooking the park. That’s called having your beer and drinking it too. 🙂

The event was introduced by a stand-up comedian whose all-Hebrew act was a bit beyond my comprehension. I will, however, consider calling the movie from now on The Big Lebovski… as pronounced by all the Israelis around. One of the more interesting side-notes of the evening was the number of haredim who stopped their walk in the park to watch the movie. The juxtaposition of Jeff Bridges as the Dude on screen with White Russian in hand and the bearded, somber, black-clothed haredim observing with some confusion was priceless. I wish I had my camera.

The highlight of today thus far was my weekly trip to the shuk at Mahane Yehudah. I picked up all the usual fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts that make up my diet here. I’m a bit like a squirrel these days. I also stopped at the juice stand I was introduced to last week to get one of their “healthy” fresh-squeezed juices. This time I got a qat-infused drink that seemed to be lacking any fruit or sugar content whatsoever. About five minutes after finished it up, I felt incredibly nauseas. If I wanted a bottle of ipecac, I could have skipped the “juice”. I will not be buying it again. Don’t worry Mom, I feel much better now.

I’ll be heading off HaGivat HaTzorfatit in an hour or so to spend Shabbat downtown with visiting family and friends; dinner with family and lunch with friends. Some good friends of mine in Nahlaot were generous enough to let me crash on their couch over Shabbat, and my family is staying in Rechavia, not far from where I will be moving in a few weeks. It should be interesting to see the Shabbat “mood” of the neighborhood. Come Sunday, I’m back for my last full week of ulpan. That’s all for today.

Shabbat Shalom and don’t drink qat juice.

One Response to Sof HaShavua – The Weekend

  1. Avi says:

    One more week 🙂

    Shabbat Shalom

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