Ulpan, Newspapers, and Apartment Found

ynet My post today will be a brief one. In ulpan, we covered a number of subject areas. We were reintroduced to the pi’el verb form and its many variations and exceptions in its conjugation and transitions from verb to noun forms. Not terribly exciting, but important to learn a language.

Among the more interesting activities we did today was an exercise skimming the newspaper for critical content. Everyone in class was given a copy of yesterday’s Yediot Ahronot (YNet online) in Hebrew and a sheet of simple questions about the content of the front section. In groups, we skimmed the paper and picked up elements of the stories, headlines, advertisements, and even obituaries. We are not exactly yet sitting down with a cup of coffee to read the whole newspaper, but our skills are all developing.

The rest of the day has really been spent doing homework, as always, and  preparing for yet another exam tomorrow. I am doing my best to convince myself that I have not yet reached a mental breaking point, but it is impossible to absorb all of this material. On the other side, I can feel my fluency improving dramatically and it shows every time I get into conversations with Israelis on the street. Ulpan is tough but I think it has been worth it.

My really good news is that as of yesterday evening I know that I have a place to live for the rest of the year here in Israel. It is a lovely apartment in Rehavia in the center of Jerusalem that I will be sharing with two other students… and will be moving in soon after ulpan ends in just about two weeks. Also some family just arrived in town for the next week or so. With any luck, I will see them tomorrow and over Shabbat this week at the very least.

That’s all for now. Laila tov.

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