Busy Day Off and Old Friends

Despite not having ulpan today, I managed to have a very very full schedule. In the late morning I went with a friend from my class down to Mahane Yehudah where we met a friend of mine from Chicago. We did all the normal shuk stuff… stopped in at Marzipan for a rugelah, bought a tonne of fruits and vegetables, and enjoyed some incredible fresh squeezed juice from a local vendor: etrog and qat. Really tasty combination.

While in the shuk, I ran into an old friend from Toronto whom I have not seen in at least 12 years who is living and working here now. Later on we ran into another couple of friends visiting Israel for the month, another friend who lives in Jerusalem, and one of my roommates. Needless to say, there’s nowhere in the world quite like Jerusalem.

From there, those of us from Hebrew University made our way over to Rekhov Ben Yehudah for lunch: shwarma, very tasty. Then back up the hill to Givat HaTzorfatit… when I received a call from one of the many people I have emailed about rooms for rent. After dropping my bags off in the dorms, I caught the bus back to the center of the city to see the apartment in Rehavia. It looks like a very nice place with very nice roommates. We’ll see if it works out.

Then I caught one of the last buses running again back to Givat HaTzorfatit where I am now writing this post. I’m now going to shut down for Shabbat, try to get a bit of last minute work in, and then go to some friends for Shabbat dinner. Tonight I’ll return to the hill and spend the day here for the rest of Shabbat. Perhaps going out tomorrow evening, but we’ll see what the day brings. And then on Sunday, back to ulpan. Who says the weekends are for resting?

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