Ulpan and Apartment Hunting

Just a quick check-in for today as it is already late here in Jerusalem. Ulpan today was fine, straightforward, and challenging as usual. We were given a pile of review material for our next text coming up already on Friday, so this means I can spend even more of my time in my room studying.

The text we studied today was (for once) taken from our textbook. It was an excerpt from a story by the Israeli author Amnon Shamoosh about his experiences growing up in a religious family from Syria surrounded by secular Ashkenazim in the early years of Israeli statehood.

We also went to a talk given by a woman who used to be a part of the haredi community in Jerusalem but has since left, seemingly become secular, and teaches in the Rothberg school. The idea of her talk was to give us the “haredi” viewpoint on life in Israel. Given that she has left the community and that she is only one person, I do not really feel like we were given a fair sample. That said, I only understood between 40-60% of what she said anyway, so I took it as a challenging exercise in listening rather than as an informative lecture.

Other activities in class: doing more work with concepts of time and order in sentence structures. None of this material is particularly obvious to me. Repeating theme: ulpan is tough.

In the afternoon, I returned to my apartment in Kfar HaStudentim. Between doing homework and memorizing vocabulary, I started sending off emails to a number of apartment listings in an effort to find a place to live once I have to vacate these premises by July 27. One person responded and I went to check out his place in Tabiyeh, roughly situated between Nahlaot and Katamon. Hopefully I will be able to see others in the days ahead so I can make a quick decision. If you, dear readers, know of any nice places opening up in the Jerusalem area, do let me know. 🙂

Once returning home, I finished writing up my presentation for Thursday on Eshkol Nevo and have spent the rest of the evening… you guessed it… studying. Tomorrow is another day. Oof.

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