Hunger and More Ulpan

Today was a tough day, primarily because of the fasting but less frustrating than yesterday. It’s quite difficult to focus on intensive language work when you haven’t fed your stomach or your brain. The temperature was also kind enough to peak around 100 F today. I stayed inside as much as I could.

Class itself was nothing out of the ordinary: 5 hours of verb forms, understanding how to identify and use definite forms, learning odd forms of key verbs in the past and future tense, and learning a bit about the dangers of excessive exposure to the sun. I now know the words for cancer, sunscreen, and pharmacist among many many others.

After class, I did my best to keep my mind off the hunger by building my stacks of flashcards, reviewing them, and doing drills for homework. Around 8:30 I broke the fast with my roommates at Burgers Bar in Givat HaTzorfatit. Afterwards, I caught a bus downtown to meet some friends to watch the Portugal-Spain World Cup match. I couldn’t stay for the whole game, but I was there just long enough to see Spain score what became the winning goal. It was a pretty incredible play.

Now it’s already late and I really must get to sleep if I am going to get in a run tomorrow. Clearly there was a real lack of exciting news for today, but sometimes no news is good news. Thanks for reading.

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