Shabbat Shalom from Yerushalayim

Tonight begins my second Shabbat in Jerusalem. It has been a very long week of learning, and I am looking forward to a restful 24 hours before returning again to my studies on Sunday morning. Above is a cool image I found of the Kotel at sunrise.

A few quick snippets from today. In class we did more review of the forms taken by various verbs in the future tense, picked up a whole lot of vocabulary, and read two texts, one an article from Yedihot Ahronot (YNet) about a controversy in Tel Aviv over the treatment and illicit activities of foreign workers and another, the well-known parable of the cricket and the ant, both in Hebrew of course.

We also took a brief exam today for which I was not overly well prepared. It is difficult to imagine how I could (sanely) spend any more time studying, but ulpan is supposed to be difficult. If it was easy, I would doubt that I was learning anything. To end the class day, we joined together with the other level Gimmel, Dalet, and Hey classes for a singing session with a woman from a national music center. we covered a number of common songs, Hinei Matov, Lekha Dodi, etc, as well as a few more popular songs like Uf Gozal, etc. It was cute.

For Shabbat dinner tonight, our apartment is joining with the apartment next door and a few others for a big meal. One of my roommates took the afternoon to make a shakshukah. I hope it tastes as amazing as it smells. For davening, I am walking over to the nearby synagogue with other students staying in Kfar HaStudentim. If it goes well, I will head back there tomorrow. Lunch is being provided by the Rothberg School on the lawn here. I’ll spend the afternoon reading a book and the evening in the city with friends watching the World Cup match between the US and Ghana.

I’ll be writing updates again after Shabbat, but until then…

שבת שלום ומנוחה 🙂

2 Responses to Shabbat Shalom from Yerushalayim

  1. bobbi kuhn says:

    Wow! How beautiful is that! Is there any way I can get a copy of that picture?
    What wonderful experiences you are having. I am truly impressed and love hearing the news. What is a shakshukah?
    Hope you are having a wonderful Shabbat!

  2. arielzellman says:

    Thanks for reading Bobbi! I found the picture on Google Images. This is shakshuka: 🙂

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