Quick Update: Conference, Grants, and Bloomsday


Time for another quick update:

I am thrilled to report that our conference, The Middle East in the 1950s – Historical Perspectives: Israel, the Arab World, and the Great Powers, was a huge success. On Sunday evening, the McCormick Tribune Forum at Northwestern was packed to the gills to hear the keynote address by Professor William Roger Louis, a renowned historian of the late British Empire. On the two days that followed, our venue at Hardin Hall was again filled to capacity. Faculty, students, and members of the broader community alike turned out to hear our 17 participants illuminate us with their insights regarding the historical impact of the developments of 1950s on the contemporary Middle East.

In personal professional developments, I am also excited to report that I have received funding from at least three sources to support my research: the new Crown Family Middle East Research Travel Grant awarded through BCICS, the Graduate School’s Summer Language Grant, and the Dispute Resolution Research Center’s Research Grant. With generous support from these Northwestern University institutions, I will be able to spend a considerable amount of time in Israel next year doing fieldwork. More on this as things develop.

Finally, I will be heading out of town this weekend to visit my folks in Spokane, Washington and will be running the annual Lilac Bloomsday Run. I have not done this 12k race in about 9 years, and I thought it was about time I get back in the habit. It should be a great time. With over 50,000 runners, wheelchair racers, joggers, and walkers, I hope I don’t get lost. Thanks as always for reading!

2 Responses to Quick Update: Conference, Grants, and Bloomsday

  1. Avi says:

    12k — 60 minutes. 5 minutes per k. You can do it 🙂

  2. arielzellman says:

    Ha right, we’ll see how that goes.

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