The Rise and Demise of the Two-State Paradigm

Next week should be an interesting one here at Northwestern. Efraim Inbar, a political science professor at Bar Ilan University and the director of Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, will be speaking next Wednesday, January 27, about research related to his recent article in Orbis, “The Rise and Demise of the Two-State Paradigm.”

The event is being put on by the Buffett Center’s Working Group on Security Studies, chaired by Hendrik Spruyt and Jonathan Caverley. They have asked me to serve as a discussant for the event, so I have slowly been putting together a thoughtful response to the piece. I’ll post a version of it here following the event on Wednesday. Serious compliments to my friend Olivier Henripen, research assistant for the working group, who has done a ton of work to put on this event and others in the series!

In the meantime, I highly recommend taking a look at his paper. While his argument has some serious conceptual problems, it is one of the better recent papers that have challenged the viability of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. You can download a copy here.

One Response to The Rise and Demise of the Two-State Paradigm

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