Quick Update

It was pointed out to me recently that I have failed to post anything to this site since October 5, so a brief update is in order:

The Fall Quarter at Northwestern has just ended as has my time as a TA for Jim Mahoney’s Political Science 310: Methods of Political Inference course. I am happy to report that, although the class was quite challenging, my students really pulled out all stops in the end and did quite well in their final papers and exams. Congratulations to all. Next quarter, I will be TAing for Wendy Pearlman’s Political Science 390: Middle East Politics course and continuing my work with the Northwestern Middle East Forum.

Over the break, I will be continuing work on grants to secure funding for future fieldwork. Thanks to ongoing assistance from the staff at the Northwestern Office of Fellowships and my dedicated dissertation committee, I managed to complete both the Fulbright IIE and Fulbright Hays grants. I am now engaged in writing the United States Institute for Peace’s Jennings Randolph Peace Scholarship Dissertation Program application. I will also be moving ahead with writing a paper based on my fieldwork in the summer in Serbia.

With any luck, it will be a very productive month. Thank you as always for reading.

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