Moving and Not Writing

religio-n-politics Hi folks, a number of my friends have pointed out that I have been slacking on my blog as of late. While procrastination should need no excuse, it seems that I owe you all an explanation. Allow me to provide several:

  1. I am back in Chicago so my fieldwork is finished for the summer. This means fewer interesting stories, interviews, and travels for awhile
  2. I have just moved. I have spent the last two weeks packing up my old apartment in Evanston and relocating to my new place in Lincoln Park. Thank you to Lina, Peter, and Dima without whom the move would not have been possible! I will likely be spending the next week cleaning the old place so my generous landlord of the past three years is not left with that thankless task.
  3. Classes do not start again until the end of September. This means that I do not have a lot of important university news to announce either.

In short, things have slowed down quite a bit for the remainder of the summer. As I get back to work on my Fulbright IIE application next week, I may post some written material up for comment. In the meantime, you should all visit a new blog, Religio-N-Politics, written by my friend and colleague Nukhet Sandal. She is a senior Ph.D. candidate at USC whom I met last year at ISA in New York. Her specific area of scholarship is international relations and religion, a very hot topic these days. Check it out!

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