The Mickey Mouse Guide to Kosovo in Serb Politics


Now that I have practically come to the end of my work here in Serbia, I thought it would be a good idea to put together some final reflections. Since everything else I have written over the last 6 weeks has been incredibly serious, I decided to give humour a go.

So here is it, the Mickey Mouse Guide to Kosovo in Serbian Politics. The “insights” I provide here are nothing more than cardboard cut-outs of much more complex issues. I did my best to play up every major political stereotype and be equally offensive to every party. Keeping that in mind, I hope you enjoy it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Democratic Party (DS): Kosovo is Serbia … except when it’s not.

Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS): Kosovo is Serbia whether the Europeans like it or not.

G17 Plus: Kosovo is Serbia, we paid for it!

Liberal Democratic Party: Kosovo was Serbia, get used to it.

New Serbia: Kosovo is Serbia and anyone who disagrees is a jerkoff scumbag!

Progressive Party: Kosovo is Serbia, why isn’t Brussels listening?

Radical Party: Kosovo is Serbia and over there is too…

Socialist Party: Kosovo is Serbia, Milosevic was just doing his job.

2 Responses to The Mickey Mouse Guide to Kosovo in Serb Politics

  1. Mairosu says:

    That’s so dead on it’s not even funny from Serbian standpoint.

  2. […] Late this evening, I will be flying to Belgrade, Serbia for a three-week trip to follow up on my travels there in the summer of 2009. […]

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