Today to Decani Monastery

I’m happy to have a few minutes back in KIM studios this morning for a quick update.

Today we’ll be traveling to Decani Monastery in western Kosovo. This is one of the most isolated Serbian enclaves in Kosovo but the Orthodox Church maintains a very active presence here. We’ll meet the bishop there and I’ll have a chance to chat with him and the other monks while my friends from Serbian Letter get interviews and footage for their documentary.

I have decided to back-post my older entries for date accuracy… This is easier than going back to update all of my “today”, “yesterday”, and “tomorrow” references for accuracy. Once they go up, they’ll be in the proper dates so you’ll have to go before (or after) this post to read them. Still no access to wifi so it will take a few more days.

If any of you caught last evening’s broadcast on Serbian Television Fox or Television Pink, yours truly was included in the segment on Vidov Dan and the ceremony at Gazimestan. I’ll see if I can find it anywhere posted online to share here. Because I am in EULEX/KFOR/Pristina administered Kosovo, my cell phone service does not work for outgoing calls… I am on a Serbian network. But I believe that I can still receive them.

Now I am off for another very very full day. Best wishes to all.

Serbian phrase of the day: Dobre utra = good morning

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