Sharing Facebook Posted Items

facebook-posted-items In an average day, I find that I consume an absurd amount of news.  When something really fascinating, disturbing, or relevant to my research occurs, I try to write about it here.  However, there are lots of other topics out there that catch my interest but don’t seem to merit a full post by itself.  Let’s face it, writing news commentary takes a substantial amount of time that I either cannot afford or in which I would rather be doing something else. 

Unfortunately, this also means that there are many days when I fail to post anything of real substance of this site… so I’m trying something new.  Facebook has a great feature that allows you to share news items and other sites of interest on your profile.  It also provides an RSS feed for relatively easy external access. 

So in the spirit of keeping the content rolling even in the off days, I have added a “Worth Reading/Viewing” widget linking to these posted stories on the right sidebar.  If you enjoy my academic acumen and wit here, you may enjoy my snappy one-liner commentaries even more. :-p 

Just one catch: you have to be signed up for Facebook to read them.  When I figure out a way around this, I’ll let you all know.  In the meantime, enjoy (or don’t) if you can.  With all these widgets, it’s looking like I’ll need a new web design.  Any ideas?

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