Upcoming Reviews: Doyle and Gorenberg

empires I am very happy to report that the productivity train is rolling again and I plan to roll out a bit more written work in the next week or so.  At the moment, I am making my way through Michael Doyle’s substantial work, Empires, which is all about the origins, development, and fall of empires.

Once I post my review of this book, I’ll be finally getting back to Gershom Gorenberg’s Accidental Empire.  This work examines the precursors to and  the development of the settlement enterprise in Israel from the state’s early days to the decades following the 1967 Six Day War.  With Doyle’s work in mind, it should be interesting to evaluate to what extent settlement in the territories is either accidental or imperial.

In other news, I have received some very nice feedback as well as some useful criticism recently about the opinion pieces and book reviews I have been posting here.  As always, I would like to thank my readers however few you may be.  Your ideas, comments, and critiques are very often enlightening and always greatly appreciated.

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