Cafe Ambrosia: An Ideal Study Space

I rarely do this, but I would like to take a moment to put in a plug for a local business. 

Cafe Ambrosia, a coffee shop in downtown Evanston just three blocks south of Northwestern University, is perhaps the most ideal off-campus location in the city to run review sessions. 

Their basement, one of the cafe’s unintentionally best kept secrets, is huge, filled with couches, chairs, and tables.  The room likely can hold up to 50 students comfortably and, despite the insulation, sound carries surprisingly well.  Because so few people realize it’s there, it’s also almost always empty. I have made a habit this year of heading down unannounced with students in tow at the end of every quarter. 

Today, Marissa Brookes and I were running a session for Dan Galvin’s course on the American Presidency.  When we were closing up shop, we ran into the owner.  I expected to be chewed out for monopolizing space with so few paying customers, but he was actually really thrilled to have us there.  He even offered to set the room up for us next time if we gave him a ring in advance. 

As much as I hate to share my favorite study space, it seems like too good an opportunity to keep to myself.  If you’re interested in booking the basement of Cafe Ambrosia for your own review session or student event, give Mike a call at 847-328-0081

By the by, the coffee is also really good and the service is excellent. Today’s Costa Rican fair trade blend has had me buzzing all day. 

One Response to Cafe Ambrosia: An Ideal Study Space

  1. Cari says:

    As you probably know, we met there every Monday when I was in Dan’s graduate seminar, so I’m happy to hear that the owner is cool about it. As caffeine addicted grad students, though, almost everyone bought something every Monday, so we definitely brought paying customers. The room is great for class meetings except for the occasional loud air horn sounding thing… but I actually think it would serve as a useful wakeup alarm if you ever fell asleep studying there.

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