Suicide Bombing in Dimona

soldiers-leave-site-of-suicide-bombing This morning at 10:30 am in the Israeli southern town of Dimona, a suicide bomber blew himself up murdering one woman and wounding 11 others.  A second bomber hurt in the initial blast was shot by police before he could take out the rescue crews.

This attack should come as a surprise to no one.  With would-be bombers being arrested in packs in Sinai almost every day following the breach of the Gaza-Egypt border fence and relatively lax security on the long Egypt-Israel border, the question of another terrorist attack was not a matter of “if” but “when”. 

This has prompted Defense Minister and Labor party leader Ehud Barak to call for the immediate construction of a substantial fence along the border with Egypt. 

Three more “fun” facts:

Residents of Gaza City have been celebrating their glorious victory with honking in the streets and flowers and candy handed out to motorists and pedestrians alike.

Although officials from Mahmoud Abbas’ “moderate” Fatah have denied it, their affiliated militia movement Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade have claimed full responsibility for the attack.  According to Hezbollah’s al Manar television in Lebanon, Al Aqsa and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine sent the two bombers.  Note that both operate under the PLO umbrella.

Not to be outdone by suicide bombers, the usual suspects also fired another 4 qassam rockets at Sderot this morning.  Two children are being treated for shock.  Shabbak chief Yuval Diskin warns that, thanks to the border breach, a substantial supply of “high quality weaponry” has made it into the Strip which usually would not be able to get through. 

Meanwhile Gilad Schalit is still captive in Gaza, Olmert is looking to free more prisoners to pacify Hamas, and no one knows the fate of Ehud Goldwasser or Eldad Regev kidnapped by Hezbollah two summers ago.

One Response to Suicide Bombing in Dimona

  1. reformislam says:

    Muslims Against Sharia condemn the murderers responsible for the homicide bombing in Dimona as well as degenerate perpetuation of the culture of death in Gaza.

    Our prayers are with the victims of this atrocity. We send our condolences to their loved ones.

    May the homicide bomber rot in hell for eternity. May his accomplices and animals who celebrated this horrendous act join him soon!

    Muslims Against Sharia call on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to shut down Al-Hayat al-Jadida, Al-Iyam and Al-Quds as terrorist mouthpieces that glorify homicide bombings. Failing to do so will show that Palestinian Authority’s quest for peace is nothing more than empty words.

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