Back to Classes

My winter break is now officially over and I’m heading back to classes tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.  As always, the vacation seemed far too short and classes have reconvened far faster than I could have expected.

However, I am happy to say that the last few weeks have been rather productive.  I have managed to read three academic books: Monica Duffy Toft’s The Geography of Ethnic Violence, Peter Alter’s Nationalism, and Robert Jackson’s outstanding work Quasi-States.  I have also been able to write two book reviews, the first on Toft’s book and the second on R’Meir Kahane’s controversial work, They Must Go.

I have also been fortunate to push my research forward by establishing contacts with Chicago’s Serbian community through the St. Sava Serbian Cultural and Arts Center as well as maintaining those contacts I made this summer while researching in Israel.  No progress yet on the Armenian front but I am hopeful a breakthrough will come soon.

The quarter ahead also looks promising in terms of advancing my research program.  With a class lineup of Qualitative Methods with Jim Mahoney, a Research Practicum with Andrew Roberts, and an independent study with my advisor Will Reno, I should be able to use the next two months to really hone my project and substantive research and make significant progress on the dreaded 2nd Year Paper.  I also count myself lucky to be a Teacher’s Assistant in Risa Brooks’ undergraduate national security course.  Three cheers for content relevant work assignments! 🙂

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