Iran and the Bomb

Dry Bones comics

One of my favorite political cartoonists, Yaakov Kirschen, hits the nail on the head again. 

I do find it amazing that a four year old NIE report is stirring up so much controversy.  So what if Iran stopped enriching uranium briefly in 2003 and there was insufficient evidence that it was seeking to build a nuclear bomb.  We do know that it is enriching uranium now in large quantities and seeking to increase that capacity.  We also know that it is the prime sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East and Central Asia. 

With the news last week that smugglers in Slovakia were caught trying to sell enough nuclear material to make a radiological device (dirty bomb) I don’t see why we should be particularly comfortable with a state like Iran having these materials at the ready.  Even if they don’t plan on using nuclear weapons themselves, it wouldn’t be too terribly difficult for them to "lose control" of some materials that might make its was across the border.

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