Hamas says “Jews Out!”

Hamas Wants All Jews Out of IsraelIf we can say anything "nice" about Hamas, it is that they, unlike their Fatah counterparts, are both consistent and honest.  When they say they want the destruction of the State of Israel, they mean it and they stick to their story.

Just in case there was ever any doubt, check out this piece reported by the Jerusalem Post.  The statement comes just in time as Israeli and Fatah negotiators wrap up the Annapolis conference in which the parties have committed to the founding of a Palestinian State by 2008. 

Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone is listening.

Hamas on Thursday called on the UN to rescind the 1947 decision to partition Palestine into two states, one for Jews and one for Arabs.

The group said in a statement, released on the 60th anniversary of the UN vote, that "Palestine is Arab Islamic land, from the river to the sea, including Jerusalem… there is no room in it for the Jews."

Regarding the partition decision, Hamas said that "correcting mistakes is nothing to be ashamed of, but prolonging it is exploitation."

Good luck finding that one in any of the major western newspapers.

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