Bibliography for Research

I realized last night as I was putting together all the materials for my SSHRC application that I had not yet written out a bibliography to include in the package.  I assume this is important because without it, the grant readers might think that I actually have zero background in the subjects for which I am applying for research funding.

Here is what I threw together in a rush last night.  If you can think of something I missed or other sources that might be useful to me given my research interests laid out in my SSHRC Program of Study, please let me know.  I have a LOT of reading yet to do before I can claim any kind of substantial knowledge about my topic area. 

Now it’s all up to UPS.  I sincerely hope they deliver the whole application to them on time.

As a side note, feel free to check out my new "website" hosted by the Graduate School at Northwestern University.  It’s more than a little lame, but they wouldn’t let me just link to this one.  Imagine that.


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