Walt and Mearsheimer Get BAD Reviews

Walt and Mearsheimer on the Israel LobbyPolitical Science luminaries Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer had hoped to break down taboos and initiate “honest” discussion about the role of the pro-Israel lobby in foreign policy decision making in Washington with their new book, The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.

However, not unlike Jimmy Carter’s farce of a political statement, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, their ideological charge gets privileged over important other concerns… like facts. Also, not unlike Jimmy, they have denounced their critics as McCarthyists and all sorts of other nasty names.

Now it’s unfair to be judgemental about a book before I read it, but having read their earlier piece for the London Review of Books, I do not expect to be impressed.

Get a flavor of the far from rave reviews from most of the major American newspapers collected by HonestReporting.com here.

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